At Uodibar Kennel we strive to provide every dog with individualized training.  

The Uodibar system focuses on a parallel path method of development and training to simultaneously 
challenge and teach the dog.

We initially assess each dog and constantly re-evaluate them throughout their time here to 
make sure their inherited talents reach their full potential.

We adapt each dog's personalized training program upon factors such as maturity and temperament  
to develop them steadily and successfully

We spend considerable time exposing young dogs to birds, both planted and wild. Dogs in long term 
training for hunting or field trials will travel to Nebraska for the summer months where exposure to 
wild birds will continue in a better climate to allow for no slow down in training.

We expose each young dog to the world, socializing them in a manner which challenges them to 
develop self-confidence & assertiveness. At the same time we are careful to avoid putting them in 
situations where they could be overwhelmed or intimidated.

Specific skills  such as 'heel', 'whoa', 'come' and introduction to the gunshot, for example, are taught 
only when the dog's mental maturity suggests that they are ready to successfully accomplish that skill.

We will always structure training to maximize your dog's chance for success.